Alfred Tear Fine Furniture | About
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Originally known as A J Tear & Company Ltd, our company was established by Alfred Tear in a small workshop in the centre of Northampton.


This would be the start to a century of fine furniture manufacturing in Northampton.


In the early 1930s, the company moved to a new location in Overstone Road, Northampton.


The 1950s saw the biggest change in the company. This was the change of ownership and where the Glanister family took over from where the tear family left off. The ethos of high quality, attention to detail and customer service was continued.


John Glanister took over as the Managing Director and would continue to build and nurture the company until 1995.


In 1995 John Glanister passed the business on to his son Robert Glanister along with all his experience and passion for bespoke furniture. This was now under the new name Alfred Tear Fine Furniture.


Alfred Tear continue to the same high standards of workmanship and use only top quality materials. We use made-to-order hardwood which means every piece of furniture is made exactly to the required specifications.


In 2017 Alfred Tear Fine Furniture moves premises to its current location back in the heart of Northampton. Back to it’s traditional roots.


It is with great excitement that Alfred Tear Fine Furniture is entering a new phase in its long trading life. After more than 60 years of being proudly owned and operated by the Glanister family, the business is in new hands.
Robert Glanister, the custodian of the Alfred Tear name has handed over the running of the business to a new management team, including to employees of the business.


Robert, who has a massive amount of knowledge (and pride) in the industry he has made his life’s work will still be a part of the business, in what we all believe will be an exciting new phase of development.
The fashion currently has trended back to have traditional furniture- bespoke, hand made and sewn- and that means new investment is needed.
The skills within the business are well known- and for the first time in more than 20 years, apprentices will be introduced to both inject youth and to learn the many skills we have at our disposal through collectively 200 years of experience in furniture making, sewing and upholstery.
This will, in turn, allow this proudly Northampton business to move confidently into the future. Exciting times!